Packing can be just as, if not more stressful than planning for a trip.

I am not your typical guy who can just throw in a few pants, shirts, underwear, toiletries and call it a day. I would dare even to go as far as to say I pack more than girls who also require more layers, make up, etc. I was accompanied by my two 50lb luggages AND my rather large backpack on my flight to Copenhagen. Some things I brought with me include gifts for my host family, clothes, toiletries, 5 pairs of shoes, a suit, business wear, laptop, iPad, and chargers…needless to say, my philosophy is “better safe than sorry.”

Your packing needs can be very similar or very different from mine. Irregardless of who you are, the following are a few ESSENTIAL items to bring with you when traveling to Copenhagen + Europe:

1. European Outlet Adapter(s)

The plug shape voltage output, and sometimes the frequency is different in Europe than it is in the States. If you want to keep your phone and laptop juiced up for the day, you will need to find an appropriate adapter. Most power supplies, A/C adapters (the plug end of a charger), and other electrical equipment will have a written description of its supported voltage and frequency ranges. An American outlet outputs at about 120 Volts while a typical European outlet outputs at about 220 Volts. Check the written label on your chargers and electronics to make sure that they support up to at least 220 Volts. A smaller concern is the frequency (measured in Hertz [Hz]) which can distort the displays of some electronics if it doesn’t support the natural frequency of the outlet. American outlets operate at about 60Hz, while a typical European outlet operates at a slower 50Hz. Again, check your electronics and chargers to see if it can support the slower frequency in Europe.

Most electronics and chargers do have operating ranges that support the voltage and frequency of both regions. However, I HIGHLY recommend double checking so that you avoid destroying your expensive toys. If it does support the voltage/frequency of Europe, then you can use any plug adapter. If not, you will need an additional (bulkier & expensive) voltage converter.

In my case, I didn’t need a voltage converter.

Here is what I bought/packed: 

2 Outlet + 2 USB Charging Hub (multiple adapters included)

US to Europe Single Plug Adapter

2. Scarves + Gloves

This one is a biggie. The temperature range in Denmark is comparable to that of northern American states. The landscape is also very flat and winds can get pretty rampant. In the colder months of November – February, scarves and gloves are a must. Bring a beanie or two for the super cold days as well.

If you care about fashion or feel self conscious of wearing the same accessory every day, consider packing multiple scarves, gloves, beanies, and warm socks.

You can thank me later…

3. Camera + Memory Card(s)

“It’s 2017, my iPhone can shoot amazing pictures. I don’t need to lug around a separate camera.”

While I agree with the statement, there are other reasons to bring a camera. I originally brought along my 9 year old camera with me to Copenhagen for my Photojournalism course. However, I found myself using the camera almost everywhere I went instead of my phone camera. Using your phone camera drains your battery like none other and fills up the storage rather quickly. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take a quick snap for your Snapstory or on your phone’s proprietary camera app, but use too much of it and you may find yourself having to travel with a dead phone for half a day.

Here is what I bought/packed:

Sony DSC-H9 (2008; Discontinued)

Akaso (Poor man’s GoPro)

4. Portable Charger

Even if you don’t take a lot of photos, you might still find your phone dying by midday. The reality is that you are travelling and won’t always be nearby an electrical outlet. If you want to be able to use your phone for all your Instagram and Snapchat needs, consider bringing a portable charger with you. Mine is a large one that can charge my Galaxy S6 about 4 full times.

Here is what I bought/packed:

AmazonBasics Portable Charger (10,000mAh)


As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have.