On a particular Thursday night, I found myself feeling over exhausted. At 1AM, I had officially been awake for bout 20 hours. My day was intensely packed with completing any outstanding tasks I needed taken care of ahead of my trip. The next morning, I woke up in a nauseous state, but went to Copenhagen for classes anyways. That would be a decision I would regret… As the clock ticked towards the end of my 8:30AM class, I couldn’t keep it down any longer. I ran to the bathroom and what little was in my stomach came back up. With that, I made myway back home, only to fall into a deep slumber through daylight. I had hoped that long naps and hot tea would bring an end to the illness before it go any worse. After all, our core course was departing Copenhagen for our long study tour to Berlin and Prague on Sunday.

In case you’ve missed it, I’ve made a post that reflects on my core course week experience. It was a trip I took with my core course, European Business Strategies (Section A). Two weeks forward, we were departing for Berlin and Prague. The only thing different this time was that our class was more familiar with each other. In that regards, I am appreciative of how DIS scheduled our semester.

Descending onto the tarmac in Berlin, I was pretty excited for the week ahead. I nearly forgot of my mild illness at this point. We enjoyed a nice view and a 4 course lunch on top of the German parliament building. Definitely a high point (ha! get it?) during our time in Berlin. Just as our last study tour, this trip was primarily focused on getting a scope of the everyday tasks and hurdles that companies face who partake in the European Single Market. We got presentations and a tour (if applicable) of the companies’ facilties to better understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis). Visiting companies such as BMW Motorcycles and Deutsche Bahn, then smaller group tours of multiple companies (I visited Messe Berlin; they are an event host for trade fairs with hundreds of thousands of square footage of floor space).

EBS (A) poses in front of the Lennon wall in Prague, CZ

Similarly, the concept of the tour in Prague was more or less the same as that we experienced in Berlin. We visited various companies including Saxo Bank, Skoda, and Skanska. However, Prague is not the same as Berlin. We took the climb up to the royal castles and got breathtaking views up there of the city. Prague is more classic and elegant where as Berlin is newer and more structured. In each of the tour, we would get a taste of the culture via their landmarks, staple meals, and bar scene.

All of this was done in the good company of amazing people. The tours were excellent, but the experience itself was mainly due to our awesome staff leaders, AC and Niels, and incredibly fun classmates.

Nowhere else could you get such an all-encompassing trip like the European Business Strategy (Case Group A, of course) long study tour. Now I gotta get started on our sponsor project with Carlsberg. More on that on another post…