It’s April; in a little over a month, I am back on American soil. Just a day ago, I was panicking because I thought that I had not seen everything that I should have seen in my 4 months abroad. As I reflect on my experiences while in Denmark and Europe, I realize that is impossible to do everything. But that doesn’t make my experience any less valuable.

A common sentiment shared by fellow study abroad students is that “time flies.” A semester at your home university might feel perpetual because it has become a routine after a few years. Going abroad means everything is new and foreign to you. Upon your arrival, you yet to have found your favorite lunch spot, an efficient commute to campus, and the best times to explore other parts of the region. Through trial and error, you will quickly begin to understand what you are capable of doing/not doing.

Everyone’s abroad story unique to themselves. At DIS, lifestyles vary vastly due to different class schedules, living situations, family committment, majors, etc. Maybe you can’t take that trip to Santorini that everyone keeps posting and raving about. That’s fine. The trip that you forego is replaced by something else you do. If that means staying in at home and experiencing a Danish spring weekend with the host family, that is just as valuable as a trip to Santorini. I wouldn’t mind spending a weekend consisting of BBQ, lounging on the patio, and absorbing the long awaited Danish sun.

So do not panic! Reflect on what you have done instead of always longing for what you could have done. Enjoy the 4 months abroad and relish every little thing that you do!
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Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany